The best way to describe Bhima Urbanscape GLORY is - ten stories of bespoke 3BHK Apartments situated right at the centre of Trivandrum City. The prestigious project of the most trusted brand of Kerala is getting ready to be handed over ahead of time.

When you live in GLORY, you will not feel like living in a mere brick and mortar structure. We have made your living spaces keeping in mind the glorious personality you are in your life. Rather than life sustenance, GLORY is the most suitable place to grow your life to success.

The location advantage that you get while living in GLORY is unmatched if you compare any other Apartment project in Trivandrum City. The most happening joint “Statue Junction” is just at walkable distance from GLORY.

The convenience level gets heightened when you consider the the close proximity of the Railway Station and the Bus Station. Trivandrum’s best Shopping centres, Schools, Hospitals and all are so near that you don’t get to lose your precious time because of travelling.

The stringent measures that we have taken while constructing this project has paid off well. Bhima Urbanscape GLORY is the safest apartment is Trivandrum. The level of technical ingenuity that has gone into constructing this marvel will be evident when you get to see the types of rigorous test that it has gone through.

Testing techniques like Pile Integrity Testing which is mandatory for large concrete structures like bridge are done in this Apartment complex. The test results are verified and are certified by highly qualified experts in this field.

The Interior of the Apartments requires special mention because of the aesthetics and the quality which Bhima strives for across its all business verticals. For e.g. seeing the water heater sticking out from the wall of the bathroom may not be of the liking of many. In Bhima Urbanscape GLORY, water heaters are concealed in the false ceilings of the bathroom. Such level of attention to detail is rare in the Apartment building scenario that is existing in Trivandrum at the moment.

You would have already tasted success in your life. Now, is the time to invest your hard earned money wisely. You do not have to take chances. Go for the most trustable brand in Kerala. Book an apartment in Bhima Urbanscape CLORY and make winning a habit.

Floor Plans


Type A - 6
Type B 1
Type B 2-6
Type C 2

Type D 2
Type D 3-9
Type E 7
Type F 7

Type G 8
Type H 8

Project Handing over

Type A - 6
Type B 1
Type B 2-6

Type A - 6
Type B 1
Type B 2-6


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