Urbanscape Properties by Bhima is entering into Commercial Space building with state of the art facilities and innovative construction techniques. Our philosophy persuades us to deliver the highest quality in every project that we execute. Innovation is in our blood and it is imbibed in our thoughts deeply. Instead of going with conventional shopping centres, we build unique commercial complexes giving priority to shoppers and shopping experience. Our building safety standards are at par with international levels and ensures the safety and security of the public.

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Bhima Kasargod

Bhima Kasargod


The Civil Engineering Department of Bhima is headed by highly experienced and qualified Engineers who have built and delivered multiple high-valued projects.

We strive to improve the safety and integrity of the buildings by using latest technology. Adopting the best practices and applying the knowledge gained through the experience of our Senior Engineers have helped us execute complex construction projects in an error-free mode.


Electrics form the lifeline of a high-rise building. Starting from an LED bulb to heavy moving parts like elevators get their life from electricity.

If not properly laid, the same lifeline can turn into a deadly hazard-invoker. Recently we hear a lot of news about fires breaking out due to short circuit. This is mainly caused because of the poor quality of electric cables and improper laying.


We consider proper Plumbing as one of the most critical aspect in making a building tenantable. It has long-term implications in the safety, hygiene, and convenience provided by the building to its tenants.

Technical ingenuity is key in properly defining the plumbing landscape of a commercial building. Our highly experienced plumbing team is specialised in intelligent pipe laying techniques and efficient space utilisation.