Company Profile

Urbanscape by Bhima

Urbanscape Properties is an offspring of Bhima group, one of the most trusted brands in Southern India. The strong foundation on which the brand Bhima has been built on is its commitment to quality & trustworthiness, and its legacy is what we are carrying over to our new venture – Urbanscape Properties (Builders in Trivandrum).
We are very keen in choosing the right location, and we know its importance when you choose your home. We have an unwavering commitment to building spaces that are going to be filled with your dreams and emotions. We don’t consider our job to be just to build new homes; we are here to ensure your peace of mind by taking up all your responsibilities in building a home for you.
Our approach is to do everything from a specific view, that is, to look at every aspect of our projects from the shoe of our customers. This goes right from the selection of location, to the layout of apartments and common amenities, to ensuring engineering excellence in building it.
Urbanscape carefully selects and plans its projects. The company has quite a few projects underway already, with a current focus on flats in Trivandrum, and our core advantage is the speed and ability with which we’re able to comprehend customer requirements, Customer preferences are researched comprehensively and these preferences are the building blocks on which projects are designed. Our collaborations with talented architects, construction management firms and good vendors have resulted aesthetic, functional and durable living options.

“Be the leader in sustainable and progressive urbanization by participating in infrastructural industry there by delivering value to all stakeholders”.

  • Crafting a space with utmost care and due diligence for a nesting place for the customer.
  • Developing and constructing life-space in nature friendly manner
  • Claiming the rightful position of a responsible citizen by ensuring adherence to all statutory and ethical obligations.
  • Creating a favorable and fertile arena for developing the skill and competence by adopting the state of art technology available in the industry
  • Committing ourselves socially to the development of the society at large by ensuring a delightful living

The Brand

Bhima’s Urbanscape DYNASTY sets the GOLD Standard of Apartment lifestyle in Trivandrum.

With more than nine decades of trust and quality ensured and delivered by Bhima to its customers, resonates in all our ventures. We plan meticulously to bring the future into the present through cutting edge innovation. The Brand Bhima has become an epitome of excellence in every field that we venture into.